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Business Breakfast


The Business Breakfast is an Auxano 7 exclusive event hosted at our wonderful venue. The event is meant to gather like minded business men, women and aspiring or up and coming business entrepreneurs, to allow for engagement with among each other. Create meaningful and long lasting connections with like minded individuals, share and discuss tricks of the trade, and grow as you learn from each other in an environment which nurtures growth.

Wonderful Catering

With a wide variety of professionally prepared dishes, we allow for breakfast to be served the right way. 

Socialize & Connect

The floor is open for socializing and creating long lasting beneficial connections. Learn and share tricks of the trade. Find mentors or mentees. Meet potential future business partners. 

Motivational Speaker

Inspiring Speakers

Take a seat, join the audience and listen as we bring some of the industries leading experts to speak and share some of their methods, observations, tips and tricks to succeeding in the extremely competitive world of business. 

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